Recently turned 3 year old Chase is listed with Madison Adoption Associates. He is from an orphanage partnership and is listed as having psychomotor delays. Orphanage staff have questioned if he may have autism, though he has not been diagn…osed.,  From his original file: Chase is very mobile and has good movement. He has received daily therapy over the past year to help with his motor skills and is learning to crawl and walk. It takes him some time to learn these skills. While he does not learn quickly, he does try. He is not potty trained yet, but when they put him on the toilet, he will go. He lives in the orphanage and he seems to be a very happy boy. He does not seem to be slowed down by his special need. In April 2014 the orphanage staff said: Chase is not talking yet. He is a little lazy. He can walk, but does not like walking.

A traveling family met Chase in June of 2014., ,  The family was told: He can recognize strangers, play with toys, walk etc, but he seems to live in his world and doesn’t play with other kids.,  The family said that he loved to snuggle, cuddle, and be hugged.
*If there is a family looking for a young boy and open to the possibility that he may have autism, Chase would be a perfect son!,  He is unbelievably beautiful and has the most amazing eyes!
Chase has an account on Reece’s Rainbow here:
For more information or to review his file, please fill out a free PAP- waiting child review form, which can be found here: See More

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