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“Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”

“Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”

œRudy! Rudy! Rudy!  We named him Rudy after the story of the Notre Dame underdog football player.  You know the one¦un-athletic kid dreams of donning the gold helmet and playing with one of the greatest college football teams in the nation.  No one believed in him.  He was told time and again not to bother, as he would never make it.  He did not give up.  He kept at it.  And, despite the naysayers, he fulfilled his dream and played for the Irish.rudy

Our Rudy is similar.  Rudy is a bit of an underdog, and because of his extensive scars, he has been told he won’t amount to much.  That he’s ˜damaged goods.’  Though, we don’t agree.  When we met Rudy, we saw a kindhearted, sweet boy who is engaging and makes great eye-contact.  We saw an incredibly smart kid who will do great things for our world if only given the chance.  Rudy the football player had a couple people in his corner who always believed in him, and encouraged him to fulfill his dreams.  Our Rudy has us in his corner, but what he really needs to prove the naysayers wrong is a forever family in his corner.  Are you his family?  Will you believe in him, and encourage him to be all that he can be, no matter what the naysayers say?

Rudy is 6-years-old.  He is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $2,000 grant available for the family that adopts Rudy.  You can learn more about Rudy on our website at www.madisonadoption.org or email Sarah at sarah@madisonadoption.org

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Madison Adoption Associates currently offers international adoption programs in the countries of China, the Philippines, and Bulgaria. Our programs mostly focus on placing children who have special medical needs.
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