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There is a child on the MAA China Waiting Child list, (available here) that I have wept over.,  He was born in the same year that my son was born. He was born the same year as my daughter too. And, I look at him and I see them. That is why the tears come.

He has endured so much and on top of his suffering he does not have a Mommy and a Daddy to help him navigate his days and his hurts and give him hope.

I would give so much to see this child smile.,  And, I am not going to stop praying until he is home.

Please take a look at the MAA China Waiting Child list and help us advocate for Kevin. He already has the (wonderful) Shriners in Cincinnati, Ohio offering the medical care he needs for his burns. He just needs a committed and willing family to say yes to him.

If it is you, please contact Madison.

If it is not you, please spread the word and help this precious, amazing, survivor come home.


Visa Processing

Dear Families-

Just wanted to share with you the message we received,  from
Rebecca of Joint Council:

Dear Colleagues,

We’ve received a number of inquiries regarding the effects of the U.S.
federal government shutdown on visa processing for adoptions and other
services related to intercountry adoption.,  A reminder that USCIS and NBC
are both fee for services offices and, therefore, not affected by the
shutdown.,  The Bureau of Consular Affairs is also not effected by the
shutdown.,  Therefore, there should be no issues with adoption cases relating
to the federal government shutdown.,  This being said, if you have families
traveling overseas we recommend you contact the Embassy that will process
the visa, just in case.