12 year old Jenny has been diagnosed with vision impairments (congenital Myopia and Strabismus). Due to her high Myopia and Strabismus, she wears glasses. Her file also indicates that she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, but this appears to be a misdiagnosis. It appears as though there was a concern that Jenny had Down Syndrome when she was one year old and a chromosome test was done. The results seem to indicate she does not have DS (per review by an international adoption physician) and the orphanage said they would be willing to have another test done should a family request it. However the diagnosis of DS has been included in her medical records. , Jenny is waiting for a family on the shared list!

Jenny has normal motion development and adaptability. She can walk, run, jump, climb, and stand on one foot. She can also play on the big slide and swings, and knows how to catch a ball.
Jenny likes to choose her own outfits, and matches her clothes and trousers by herself. She has formed good living habits. She can also adapt to the environment quickly and communicate with
strangers freely. Jenny can express herself completely. She understands cause and effect, and can easily explain it to others. She can express her own opinions and ideas. Jenny is in grade 4
at her primary school. She gets along well with her classmates and takes an active part in activities at school. Jenny has a hard time learning new things. Her receptive ability is not very well,
but with repeated education and help, she can gain new knowledge. She has difficulty looking at the board as well as reading and writing because of her vision impairments.
Although this limits her in her school work, Jenny makes all the effort to learn. She has good study habits, and can finish her homework on time after school. She can even say some fruits in English,, such as apple, banana, and orange. Jenny is a very thoughtful little girl, always asking her caretakers for permission. She has a ready smile, and loves to watch tv, sing songs, dance, and play outside.

A friend of mine adopted her best friend and she got to meet her and spend quite a few hours with her. , From Vicki: “She does not have Down Syndrome. I am trying now, with the help of the foster organization, to see if we can have that changed. Such a shame, to think that having that on her file may deny, her a chance of a family. , She is so sweet and has been on the shared list for almost 2 years. 🙁 I had the privilege of being with her for almost 4 hours, and my Chun speaks with her on the phone every, few weeks.” , Email Vicki for more information: v.vanno@gmail.com