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Recently I purchased the book, The Blessing: Giving the Gift of Unconditional Love and Acceptance, written by John Trent.,  The writer is teaching on the importance of passing on a blessing to our children through different means that will build up in their bones as they grow and help them to stand strong in their God-given worth.

I like it.,  It is good to be reminded to speak words that affirm my children. It is good see that I need to be pointing them to a special future. It is good to ask myself if I touched them today other than hurriedly tossing them into the car seat.

But, its not really the book I want to write about. I’m only on chapter three.

There is a small paragraph in the book that describes a dry desert and a people that live there. The people, if you can imagine, rely entirely for their existence on a stream that brings water and nourishment to them.,  It is their drink. It is their means of preparing food. It is life for the desert people.

And, one day it ceases to flow. Maybe it started gradually and lead down into just a trickle. But here they are, in the desert, and their life source is gone.

You know what I thought of when I read this? I know I was supposed to be thinking about the blessing, after all this is what the book is about!,  (And, I was!).,  I thought about orphans.

An orphan is a lot like that desert community that needed the water to survive.

An orphan is a child without parents. A child. Alone to fend for themselves. Their lifesource, the very thing that can provide them with basic needs and a future and even a blessing, has stopped flowing. And, they are left dry.

To me those that care for orphans, that advocate for them, pray for them, support the cause of the lonely with money and time and energy are like people who walk that dry stream and find the block and begin to remove it so that water can flow again.

Because it can be that simple. No participating in an orphan care program or adopting will not end the global orphan crisis. But, removing the damn to the stream will make the water flow again….and that means the world to the small desert community that relied on it.

Children, by their nature, rely on others. They need.,  You can be the person who removes the logs from a desert stream and lets the water of life flow again.

Orphan care. Adoption. Advocacy., 

Streams in the desert for the orphan child. Life giving.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of the orphan. Even if you do not know their names, or ever will, your work on behalf of orphans I pray will be a blessing to them beyond our understanding.