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Hope for Cleft Surgery in China!

Attention MAA families! Attention! This is such a great opportunity to help a child with cleft that still needs a family! (This is so near and dear to my heart as my own beloved daughter had severe bilateral cleft lip and palate). This surgery can CHANGE this child’s life. They can eat! They can speak! They can received education! They can be adopted! They can find acceptance! This is life saving surgery and surgery that can instantly improve a childs chances for so much that they need to thrive!

The following announcement comes from Amy at Love Without Boundaries.

We are sending another cleft team to China in April, with two incredible plastic surgeons from UCSF.,  They specialize in facial clefts, severe bilaterals, and nose revisions., , We have a few spots still left open, and we of course would like to help any child who hasn,,¦¾št been chosen have a better chance of finding a family.,  If you have seen any kids on the shared list who are perhaps older with cleft or who have other facial issues which require plastic surgery, I would love to have their information so we could contact their orphanages about possibly providing free surgery to them.


If you know of a child help us connect them to Amy and the folks at Love Without Boundaries! Contact Diana at MAA to refer a child for surgery!





Nutritional Boosting Snack

A hobby of mine, er, more like a passion is feeding my family simple meals and snacks from real food. Food that I know can be healing and sustaining to their bodies as they grow.,  Food is such an amazing thing. We use it for nourishment, celebrations, comfort, traditions.

I. heart. food.

My little family of six lives on a small farm in rural Illinois. We are not a commercial farm, purely a hobby farm and working with each season on sustaining our own livelihood through our land and efforts.,  We have roosters, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and dairy goats.,  In warmer seasons we grow a sizeable garden.,  I am so happy that our milk, eggs, some produce, and meat can come from our very own acreage.

At the same time I am so grateful for food that comes from afar too! Like chai seeds and coconut! Two things I can not grow here on my little farm in Illinois!

There is a recipe for Coconut Chia pudding that I would like to share. This snack/side dish/whenever time dish is very tasty, easy to make, and packs of punch of nutritional power. Children that have recently been adopted may have a serious need for meals that are healing and full of nutrients to help them heal and grow.

Here is my favorite recipe for this wonderful treat. But, if you search the internet you will find many alternatives. Its so easy, it will take five minutes!

I have found that my children devour this “pudding” and it makes me grin to think of all those full bellies receiving a nutrient dense treat!