Seven year old Linus is such a cute little guy!,  Linus is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates.,  Besides a deformed middle finger on his left hand, he is a healthy little boy!,  Diana met Linus on March 25, 2015. She said: “Linus is a VERY SWEET, kind, calm, and easy-going boy. He has good friends and the orphanage staff love him. He hangs out in their office with them often after school. He has a deformed middle finger. It looks like it may have been broken and didn’…t heal correctly. Basically it is a non-issue. I am told Linus is a healthy, smart boy. However, he does not like school mainly because he says he is bullied at school for being an orphan. He was brought into the orphanage in May 2014. He was very sad at first, but they say he is ok now. He has never talked about his abandonment or birth family.,  He was never educated prior to coming into the orphanage. My opinion is that he will need a very patient family who home schools so he can catch up, or a family who lives near a school district with a lot of educational supports. This child is so incredibly sweet and I think he will do really well in a family!”

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There is a $2,000 grant for Linus’ adoption with Madison Adoption Associates. If a family signs on with MAA and moves forward for Linus in April, there would be another $1,500 in agency fee reductions for Linus’ adoption. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family circumstances. Grants are awarded as agency fee reductions.

If you are interested in reviewing Linus’ file or in adopting Linus, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here:

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