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Acrobats of China Adoption Reunion

Incredible! Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus

Yakov Smirnoff Theatre

470 State Highway 248

Branson, MO 65616




The Incredible! Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus has been hosting an Adopted Chinese Child Reunion for more than 10 years in both Branson, Missouri and Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee.  This year, in recognition of the loving generosity of American families who have opened their home, arms and hearts to children from all over the world we have expanded our reunion to all families with internationally adopted children.

 The International Adopted Child Reunion activities will be held at the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre in Branson, Missouri on July 18, 2015, beginning with activities for the whole family including international games, crafts and demonstrations.  Lunch will be provided at the theatre and there will be more activities after lunch, culminating with the Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus Show at 3:00.

 We have reserved a block of rooms at the Branson Towers Hotel.  The rate of $65  per night plus tax, for 2 adults and up to 3 children per room will be available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 17 -19, 2015.  For room reservations call Misty Mulkey at the Branson Towers at 417-336-4500.  Be sure to say you are with the International Adopted Child Reunion.

 To register your family or for more information please email Brandi Chen at



Advocacy: Patrick!

Precious 15 month old Patrick is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership.
Patrick has been featured on the LWB blog many times:¦¦

There are so many photos available from Patrick’s short 15 months of life- some family will surely be blessed to have all of them!

Patrick was diagnosed as having anal atresia and is now post-op for that condition. Later he was found to have CHD- ASD and VSD, for which he has now had a surgery as well. In the fall of 2014 after surgery, Patrick entered foster care sponsored by Love Without Boundaries. He also receives rehabilitation treatment there. At the time his file was prepared, Patrick was able to walk for one to two steps when holding the nanny’s hand. When Patrick sees others eating, he will stretch out his hand for food. He enjoys playing with his nannies and is said to enjoy playing œhide and seek the most. Patrick is an energetic, bright, active, and lovely boy with a quick reaction. He loves playing with toys and listening to music. Will your family be the family that is blessed to wake up to that cute face every morning?

A recent update from LWB said: Patrick from Heartbridge is in the hospital preparing for his final stage colostomy surgery. He and his nanny are sleeping on a bed in the hallway because of the current crowded conditions something which is not at all unusual in a Chinese hospital which helps millions of children each year. Neither Nanny nor Patrick seem particularly upset about this, as Patrick is happy as long as Nanny is with him!

There is a $2,000 agency grant with MAA for Patrick’s adoption. Madison is also offering a $1,000 grant for families that sign on between now and the end of July and another $500 grant for families that move forward for a waiting boy between now and the end of July. That’s $3,500 in grants for Patrick’s adoption between now and the end of July! Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants and those will be given out again in July.

If you are interested in reviewing Patrick’s file or in adopting Patrick, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review form, which can be found here:

Madison Adoption Associates's photo.
Madison Adoption Associates's photo.

Walk of Love!



The annual Walk Of Love Cross Country 5K & Fun Walk is a chip-timed, fall-themed run through a beautiful 200 acre estate in Elizabethtown, PA. It’s a full day of fun for your whole family. Games / activities for the children, competitions for the adults and food for all! Space is limited, so register today to reserve your spot. We can’t wait to see you there!

For more information visit the Walk of Love website! 

New Referrals!


Meet adorable Macey, who is a 20 month old baby who needs a family to make sure she meets all of her developmental milestones.  Early intervention is the best medicine for children with Down Syndrome!!
MAA is offering an agency fee reduction of $1000 for the adoption of Macey.
There is an additional agency fee reduction of $1000 for applications received before the end of July!
Huey has been through quite a lot in his short 4 years, but he is still a happy little boy who loves life!  Huey has hydrocephalus,Dandy-Walker Syndrome, post-operative meningoencephalocele, and post-operative peritoneal shunt of arachnoid cysts.
Watch Huey’s video and you can tell that nothing is going to stop this kid! (Call for password!).
MAA is offering an agency fee reduction of $2000 for the adoption of Huey.
There is an agency fee reduction of $1000 for applications received before the end of July, with an additional reduction of $500 for the adoption of a boy!
Beautiful little Cece will celebrate her 9th birthday in September.  What a wonderful gift it would be for her to have a family who loves her and is working to bring her home!  Cece has  hemiplegia on the left side of her body.  Cece loves to meet new people and play outside!
MAA is offering an agency fee reduction of $2000 for the adoption of Cece. There is an additional agency fee reduction of $1000 for applications received before the end of July!

Vance should have been named “van Gogh” – this smiling almost 9 year-old loves doing art and craft projects!  Vance came to into care when he was 4 years old and he has become greatly loved by all the caretakers.  He considers everyone his family – but he needs a true family of his own.   Vance has epidermolysis bullosa simplex, which causes the skin on his hands and feet to blister.
MAA is offering an agency fee reduction of $3000 for the adoption of Vance.
There is an agency fee reduction of $1000 for applications received before the end of July, with an additional reduction of $500 for the adoption of a boy!
Farrah is 9 years old and has a repaired cleft lip. However, the surgical repair was not well-done and Farrah would greatly benefit from surgery to make her lip look more natural. She is a sweet girl who will is very curious to learn new things.

Watch this sweet  video of Farrah playing with the babies at the orphanage! (Call for password! )

MAA is offering an agency fee reduction of $2000 for the adoption of Farrah.

There is an additional agency fee reduction of $1000 for applications received before the end of July!



photo (32)

At a party a few weeks ago we were introduced to a family that had adopted one child.  I had the opportunity to meet this little girl and chat with her for some time. Let me tell you that she was lovely inside and out. I don’t know her story or if she eats her dinner without complaint or misbehaves, but I do know that she came across as a young teen with the ability to communicate her thoughts well and a gentleness to other children.  Her homeland is the same as one of my own children and so her parents and I began chatting all things adoption. There was the typical type of information exchanged about the when’s, where’s and so forth. My husband mentioned something about the “next time” and the couples eye brows raised.

“Your going to do it again?”, they asked.

We nodded. Currently our house is rather full and we have a lot of little ones so we are not doing it again today, but most certainly the plan includes adopting again. We don’t feel that our family is finished growing and we certainly desire to share this crazy love that we have under our roof with another child in need of that crazy love.

I guess we kind of told them that answer. That, yes, we plan on doing it again.  My husband returned the question. It seemed like the right thing to do.

“Are you planning on adopting again?”, he asked smiling.

And this is where my,  heart broke and I will tell you why.

“No, Oh never. We wont ever do that again. One was enough….”,  They continued on and on as I tried to pick my mouth up off the floor. Now, let me explain. I was not upset that they felt their home was full.  I get it. Each family knows when they have reached a healthy and harmonious capacity and no one but that family can judge best. No problem.

I was shocked because standing right next to them was this girl who they adopted with her eyes looking down at her feet and that light fading from her face.  Here were her parents publicaly making it known how difficult their adoption had been, how hard the transition, and how there is just no way they would never do it again.

The words they used have long left my mind, but I will tell you what that young girl heard.

She heard “You were not worth it.”

And that breaks this Momma’s heart. Because all my children were worth it. They were worth the changed body and the stretch marks and the labor pains. They were worth the paperwork and the scraping savings and the months of waiting.  They were worth every surprise and frustration and hope and sleepless night, every mile traveled, every lesson learned, every unknown and every tear shed. They were worth every moment of uncertainty and transition and chaos just for the chance to love them and watch them grow.

It is so important to have people to talk with about troubles. It is absolutely acceptable to state that you believe your family will not adopt again. It is absolutely acceptable to talk about frustrations, difficulties, and concerns. But, Momma’s and Daddy’s be care for little ears are listening. And little ears that have already had so much loss need to know that all you went through to bring them home was not only worth it, but that you would  do it again if it meant loving them another day.

May we have friends and loved ones we can open up too, talk with, pray with, and seek wisdom with. May we find encouragement and support when needed. May we share our stories to inspire, teach, and help. But, let us not let our frustrations that come, and they do, tear down the self worth of the children.

We all have a hammer and can do one of two things.

Build up.

Tear down.

May your story, whatever it may be, be spoken in such a way that it can build up the little ears that hear it. 




Free APP for Speech Therapy

There are many resources out there to assist your family in supporting and encouraging your child that needs speech therapy and speech assistance. Little by little my family, also on a speech journey, are discovering what has been useful and what maybe we didnt need to spend our time or resources on.

I like free, especially when it works! My children do not get a lot of screen time, but occasionally they really enjoy sitting down and playing a game on my phone. We downloaded a free speech application called “Articulation Speech Therapy” by KidsAppBaba.

Here is a little about it:

1. Its free. 🙂

2. You can choose any letter articuluation or blend, and determine if its an initial, medial or final sound.

3. Your child can actually say the sounds given into the phone after hearing them pronounced and the program (which is fairly sensitive) will let them know if they did it correctly or need to try again.

4. Its very simple, little to no bells and whistles, but several of my children really enjoy it and get good speech articulation practice.

I believe it is available for all types of phones/pads/etc.

Its just one nice resource out there to help our precious cleft kids and other chilren with speech challenges to grow in confidence and ability!

Welcome HOME!!


Madison Adoption Associates, 
is happy to announce that these, children came home to their new, families in April 2015







Kyle, ,  & Miranda




2 Years


Cameron, ,  & Kelly








13, ,  Years

10, ,  Years

14 Years


Richard, ,  & Cynthia




3 Years


Rodney, ,  & Amy




12 Years






4 Years


Don &, ,  Rachelle




10 Years


Ron &, ,  Julie




2 Years


Randy, ,  & Ethan




9 Years


James, ,  & Anita




5 Years


Bradley, ,  & Terry




6 Years


Scott, ,  & Robin




11 Years


Patrick, ,  & Tari




12 Years


Its HOSTING time!

Madison Adoption Associates
Orphan Hosting Program 2015
MAA is beginning to plan now, 
for the Summer 2015 Orphan Hosting Program.
If you live in Illinois or Missouri and would like to learn more about hosting a child from China or Philippines, please contact
The exact dates are not set at this time, but the children will most likely be here during the month of July 2015. , Only families living in Illinois or Missouri can host because of the required supervision and group events.
Families are also needed to host the adults who accompany the children. , This is a great way to help the children, who cannot travel without these chaperones!

MAA Serves!

Madison Adoption Associates – Charity Report
MAA recently donated funding to the Beaver County Children & Youth Services (Pennsylvania) to provide Easter treats and luggage for children in foster care.
These children, who are entering foster care, will now have their own suitcase to carry their belongings, instead of having to use a garbage bag!
MAA also donated $10,000 to Delaware Foster Care programs.
Beaver County Children & Youth Services wrote:

Radio Program: Foreign Adoptions Lowest in Thirty Years

From Take Two:,  Last year the number of foreign children adopted by U.S. parents dropped to the lowest level since 1982, according to figures recently released by the State Department.

For comparison’s sake, in 2004, foreign adoptions reached an all time high of 22,884. Last year, the grand total was just 6,441.

Chuck Johnson, CEO of the National Council for Adoption, joined Take Two to discuss the drop in international adoptions.

You can listen to this radio segment here!