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LingLing’s Book of the Week



This week LingLing has a book to share with you all. She is excited.

Because it has chicken and my LingLing loves Chickens!

Because it has a Chinese girl as the main character and my LingLing is proud to be China born!

Because the art is sweet and the story line is fun!

LingLing is an emerging reader. She has just turned six years old and she wants to share this book with all her friends at Madison Adoption Associates. She highly recommends Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett to all of you. If you do purchase this on amazon please use your amazon smiles account to support MAA….but we got our copy at the local library!

Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett is a fantastic story of a little girl who is dedicated to the care of her hens. She not only cares for her hens, she diligently sets to the task of caring for them so sweetly and kindly that they are the happiest hens around. Mei Mei is her name and she lives on the Li River. Both Mei Mei and her hen Daisy discover the bravery of their hearts in this story.





A Letter to Encourage

A Letter to Encourage

We all have different motivations for adopting. It can be to expand your family, begin your family, œsave a child, to give a child a future a hope a dream. But what if the reason God called us to adoption is to stretch us beyond our capacity?

Each and every child God creates is a gift. Whether a baby, toddler, school aged, or aging out each child can teach us a little something about ourselves or even grow us beyond ourselves. Perhaps we are called to adoption because we were set apart? We may not have the fancy degrees, tons of money, a palace to live in, or the best upbringing ourselves but what if that’s why we are called? If God calls us to follow him in obedience perhaps we are chosen for a reason. God doesn’t choose the proud and mighty but the humble in spirit. We may think we aren’t the ideal parents that maybe we won’t raise our children properly because we don’t have it all figured out. Not that I’m an expert in psychology but from what I have gathered none of us have it all figured out. I believe that’s where we go beyond ourselves and trust in God. The one who calls you to it will see you through it.

I would encourage you today that if you or someone you know is considering adoption to take a moment to pray and ask for guidance. Every child is valuable and I believe every obedient parent to God’s call is valuable as well!


The Power of Choice

amandablogThe Power of Choice 

by Amanda Felizardo


Your entire life since infancy you are taught to make good choices. After all the choices we make often define our character and who we are and will become as adults. There is power in choices and we seek out friendships, fam


ily, and God to assist us in making the best choices for ourselves and those around us.


As adults you can choose where to live, what c


ar to drive, what job to pursue, who to love, and who not to love. Your choices are endless and so is the power in them. While we live in a culture where we have the freedom to make life’s choices when does that power go too far? Say in Adoption?


Many countries though not all, all

ow for families to choose the sex of their child. This gives families a choice they would never have when conceiving; the choice to have a son or daughter. But did we ever consider the choice these children did not have? The choice to not lose their parents and then to have to be defined by their sex?

Statistics show that 80% of adoptive parents w


ould like to adopt a girl. But did you know that 80% of waiting children are boys? Not to say adopting a daughter is not a wonderful thing but  consider that a child is passed over simply by being the “wrong” sex?

God promised us in John 14:18 NLT œNo, I will no


t abandon you as orphans I will come to you. It was a promise to all mankind who would trust in the Lord. It was promises that although our savior was ascending back into heaven that we would not be left without a father. This statement was not limited to our gender, age, intelligence, wealth, or good deeds. It was to all God’s children- That our father would come back for us.

God showed us the ultimate choice His ultimate sacr


ifice. It was a choice to love all despite sin. Should 2016 be the year that we too learned that all children are precious despite their age, gender, and special needs? Should this be the year that we see children as God see’s us not as a boy or girl but a child of God?

Would you consider praying with me that our hearts would be filled with love and that our horizons would be expanded beyond that of gender and  to the heart of a child crying out for a family of their own?





Reminder :Guangzhou Adoption Unit Closed for New Year!

To all families who may be traveling soon ~

Happy New Year!  We just the following message from the US Consulate in Guangzhou.

The U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou Adoptions Unit will not provide adoption services, including interviews, LSC drop-off and Article 5 pass-back, appointment scheduling, and routine inquiries, over the Chinese New Year’s holiday from February 8 to February 15, 2016.  We will promptly respond to inquiries and appointment requests when we reopen on February 16, 2016.

Please keep this in mind as you consider travel plans.  Please email Diana or your caseworker if you have any questions.


Advocacy: Keith

4 year old Keith is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates. Keith is diagnosed as having cataracts and developmental delays. Keith does have excellent hearing and is able to recognize the different steps and voices of his caretakers. If he hears his special caretaker’s steps or voice, he pats on the bedrails or will laugh. He can entertain himself and enjoys playing with musical stuffed animals and music boxes. Keith is a good listener and he can recognize his own name. His favorite thing to do is play outside with his caretaker and the other children. Keith is described as active and shy. Please help us find precious Keith a loving forever family of his own! MAA has asked for an update for Keith because his file was so outdated. The update will be posted as soon as it arrives.

There is a $2,000 agency grant for Keith’s adoption with Madison Adoption Associates! Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year and to families that already have their letter of approval from China.

If you are interested in reviewing Keith’s file or in adopting Keith, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here:¦/¦

Madison Adoption Associates's photo.

MAA Lunar New Year Celebration



The Year of the Monkey is here and MAA is ready to celebrate!

We are inviting all adopting and adoptive families to join us on Sunday, February 7, 2:00-6:00 pm at Limestone Presbyterian Church.  There will be games, food, and crafts. Please come with a potluck item to share.

Please RSVP to

Directions available upon request.