This week LingLing has a book to share with you all. She is excited.

Because it has chicken and my LingLing loves Chickens!

Because it has a Chinese girl as the main character and my LingLing is proud to be China born!

Because the art is sweet and the story line is fun!

LingLing is an emerging reader. She has just turned six years old and she wants to share this book with all her friends at Madison Adoption Associates. She highly recommends Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett to all of you. If you do purchase this on amazon please use your amazon smiles account to support MAA….but we got our copy at the local library!

Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett is a fantastic story of a little girl who is dedicated to the care of her hens. She not only cares for her hens, she diligently sets to the task of caring for them so sweetly and kindly that they are the happiest hens around. Mei Mei is her name and she lives on the Li River. Both Mei Mei and her hen Daisy discover the bravery of their hearts in this story.