Stop the presses!!!  Caleb’s smile will melt you.  Absolutely melt you!  I can just envision how much bigger it gets with a good tickle-fest by a Daddy.  Or with blowing belly raspberries by a Mommy.  He truly defines ˜smiling with your whole body.’  And he’s not just cheesing for the camera.  His nannies share that he always walks into the playroom with a huge smile on his face.  And when they hand him his favorite ball, he claps his hands like mad and says ˜thank you,’ while running around the room.

Caleb’s smile is phenomenal, and it will truly bless the family lucky enough to call him son.  Though, more important than having a family to make him smile and giggle, is having a safe place to be sad.  Because he will be sad.  Adoption is sad.  And it may take a while for his family to see this smile.  It may take a while for him to grieve his losses, and learn to accept his new reality.  But oh boy, once his family gets through the trenches of trauma and grief, and once they are the reason that heart-stopping smile spreads across his face, it’ll be that much more beautiful.

Be the reason that Caleb is smiling.

Caleb is available through Madison Adoption Associates.  He is two and a half and diagnosed with post-operative anal atresia.  His family is eligible for a $2,000 grant.  Email for more information.