You’re used to my posts by now.  I introduce you to kids.  Share their stories.  Share their heartbreak.  Share their pictures.  I do my best to make sure you get to know them as more than words in an outdated file.  I do my best to bring them to life, and to let you get a glimpse of who they are.  Maybe the picture of him laughing with a visitor made you pause.  Maybe the story of her asking, begging, for it to be her turn to be adopted brought you to make that first inquiry.  Whatever it was, advocating for these kids, and sharing them with you, works.  Families are found, matches are made, and children are orphans no more.

But what happens when I can’t show you their picture?  When I can’t share much about their heartbreaking past?  Are they any less deserving?  No.  In fact, they need our help almost more than the others, because they can so easily be forgotten.  If we can’t see them, they aren’t there, right?  But they are there.  In orphanages.  Waiting.  I can’t show you her picture.  I can’t share him with the world in hopes of resonating with one person that person who might be his family.  While I completely respect the country’s desire to protect the privacy, and the stories, of their children, it makes advocating for them that much more difficult.

So, I ask of you, think of the stories that you have read, and the pictures that you have seen.  Think of the kids who have touched your heart, whether they led you to make that first call or not.  Now, for each one of those who touched you, think of the hidden children that I can’t introduce you to.  Think of the ones who also wait, but who can’t be seen.

We are currently looking for both adoptive families and families interested in hosting this summer for these older children from a small Asian country.  Contact for program information about these oh so deserving, unseen children.