Boys. Their days are filled with poop, fart, and burp jokes.  If there’s a puddle, they’ll splash in it.  If there’s a snow pile, they can’t NOT pick up a chunk and form a snowball.  If there’s mud, well, they’ll be covered head to toe.  From chasing sisters with bugs, to turning anything they can get their hands on into a ‘zapping machine’ or other such contraption, they don’t stop.  Constantly up and on the go.  Jumping, bouncing, running, GOING.  They are always ‘on.’  But yet, their sweetness abounds too.  Tenderhearted, compassionate, kind.  It is a thing of beauty to see them go from knee deep in dirt, to making sure little brother is OK after that knee scrape.

If you are blessed to have one, I don’t need to keep going – you know the sheer joy that having a little boy brings.  And as wild and crazy as they can be, at the end of the day, they still need a Mommy to kiss their boo-boos, and a Daddy to play catch with.  Sadly, for ‘our’ boys, their biggest special need is just that – being a boy.  Which I will never understand.  The life and love a little boy brings to a family is immeasurable.  Meet just a few of our boys, whose biggest need is the one thing that makes them absolutely awesome!

Bronx – 4. Special Need: BOY

Byron – 3. Special Need: BOY

Damon – 6. Special Need: BOY

Heston – 2. Special Need: BOY

Homer – 1. Special Need: BOY

Kyron – 2. Special Need: BOY

Nash – 2. Special Need: BOY

Niles – 3. Special Need: BOY

Wade – 4. Special Need: BOY

Zeb – 1. Special Need: BOY

To learn about any of our amazing boys, please visit Madison Adoption Associates Waiting Children page.  You will have the opportunity to request the password so that you can review all of our precious children!  Email for more information.