I don’t personally know this child.  But, I do know her foster mama.  Because I know her, I know what amazing care Hedley is getting.  More than care.  She is getting LOVE while she waits for her adoptive mama to see her.


You see, in November of 2015, my husband and I adopted our daughter Maeleigh.  Because Maeleigh was adopted, another child had the opportunity to move into a foster home and be loved on by an amazing foster family.  Because Maeleigh was adopted, precious Hedley was able to take her place.

Foster mama’s first embrace with Maeleigh after Maeleigh left for her adoption. We visited the orphanage and both of our girls’ foster families a few days after the adoption.

I can tell you for a fact that Hedley is getting her hair done up cute every single day.

The day we visited the orphanage, one of the first things this foster mom did was fix Maeleigh’s hair.

I can guarantee you that she is playing outside, going to parks, taking walks, and being poured into by this amazing foster mama who loves her foster kids as if they were her biological children.

I can also assure you that Hedley will come to her forever family well cared for.

She will have known what it was like to bathe and have her teeth brushed.

She will have had many life experiences.

She will be as prepared as she can be for her adoption.

Hedley playing outside

Brooke with foster mama and Maeleigh at the orphanage visit

 Neither of us were Maeleigh’s biological mother, but we have both helped raise her and we both have loved her as if she was our biological child.  I will forever have a special place in my heart for this wonderful woman who loves children that were not born to her and who goes into it every single time, knowing that her heart will be broken over and over again as each child is united with their adoptive family.

She may not be their forever mama, but she will forever be in our hearts and a part of our family.

Happy Mother’s Day to YOU- the woman who fostered my daughter and who currently is fostering Hedley.  Your love taught our daughter what it meant to be loved and to love others. Thank you will never be enough.

 The world could use more people with hearts like yours.

Brooke and foster mama, who is now forever a part of the Henningfelds’ hearts and family

To my daughter’s foster mama, it is my prayer that Hedley will find a forever family.  And, while you will grieve the loss of her, please know that it will allow another angel to have the opportunity to enter your home, be loved on, and be prepared for their adoption.  By loving these children as fiercely as you do, you are giving them an amazing gift that we, their adoptive families, can never thank you enough for.  We will never forget you, and we will always love you.  Mama to mama, Happy Mother’s Day.

Hedley is a beautiful and smart 5-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with postoperative retinoblastoma.  Her eyes were missing when she came into care at the approximate age of 6 months.  Hedley is listed with Madison Adoption Associates and there is a $1,000 agency grant available to the family who adopts her.  Email sarah@madisonadoption.org, or complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form, for more information.