Have you wondered about adopting from the Philippines?  Do you have questions about the programs?  We are here to introduce you to Philippines adoption!

Madison Adoption Associates earned accreditation in the Philippines in 2009 to place children with special needs, and earned accreditation in 2014 for the limited placement of healthy children.

In early 2017, Madison Adoption Associates was awarded seven healthy slots for the Philippines program!  Five lucky families are already busy working on home studies and Dossiers so we can send their paperwork to the Philippines and anticipate news of a match!  That means we still have TWO healthy slots open!  Complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form if you are interested.

There are two main programs to consider when adopting from the Philippines – the healthy tract, and the Special Home Finding program.  In the healthy program, Madison receives a certain number of ‘slots’ to submit family applications.  Once those slots are filled, we must wait for our next allotment of slots.  We are very grateful to ICAB (Inter-Country Adoption Board) for continuing to increase our number of slots!

The Special Home Finding program is dedicated to finding adoptive families for children with special needs, be it medical, psychological, age related, or sibling groups.  We receive summaries of available children on a monthly basis.  However, in an effort to respect the privacy of their children, ICAB does not allow agencies to openly advocate for these children by posting pictures or information.  This can make advocacy challenging, however just because you cannot see the children on our website, does not mean they are not still waiting for a family!  Families interested in learning more about the children available through the Special Home Finding program should complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form.

Once you are matched and ready to travel, we will arrange your entire trip.  Both parents are required to travel to the Philippines to take guardianship of your child(ren).  You can expect to stay in country for one to two weeks, during which time we will arrange touring and many opportunities for you to learn about your child’s beautiful culture!

If you would like to learn more about our Philippines adoption programs, please email Program Director, Amanda Felizardo, at amanda@madisonadoption.org, or visit the Philippines Adoption Program page on our website.