by Amanda Felizardo, Philippines Program Director and China Caseworker

I enjoy the news in a weird way it draws me in. Not that I’m looking for negativity or the latest gossip, but it draws me in. It reminds me in a way that this world is greater than I am, my life is blessed and my heartaches and struggles seem small in comparison to that of others out there. It reminds me that all of my blessings are just that a blessing, and that it is through God’s grace that I have these – As I do not deserve them.

But what happens when you are on the other side when the blessings don’t seem to come your way? When life is difficult? When you’re without a mom and dad, without a family to call your own?

What happens when, on paper, you read child relinquished because of mom being killed? Dad relinquishes child because he can’t provide¦ What happens when a diagnosis of Global Developmental Delays is in bold across the file? And you feel helpless to provide for this child’s future. Or even get them a family of their own.

I have to remind myself that I cannot change this world I can’t change the evil in it, the disease, the hurt, the pain, but I’m reminded of this amazing quote from a movie I just recently watched¦Hacksaw Ridge.

There was a soldier named Doss who was a conscientious objector who enlisted during World War II as a medic. During the greatest firefight of their lives without a gun he proceeded to pull the wounded from a cliff side and hoist them down to safety at the risk of his own life and theirs. In the movie, and his actual quote from real life, he stated œPlease Lord help me get one more.

My prayer is that we will never forget that these children are in the fight for their lives and that our prayer would be please Lord, help me get one more.