I have poured over our list all morning, trying to choose a child to introduce you to.  And I just can’t do it today.  I can’t ˜pick.’  Why is one child more worthy to share than another?  Because they might have a better chance at being matched?   Because they are a specific age or gender, or have a certain special need?  Yes, it is true, some children find their families more easily than others.  But that is not a good enough reason to ˜choose’ who to introduce you to.  I look at each little face.  All 76 of them.  And they are all worthy.  So today, instead of just featuring one or two waiting children, I ask you to look at them all.  Each and every one.  Read their stories.  Look at their pictures.  Watch their videos.  Search your heart to see if maybe one of them is your child.  And if not, help us share these children with the world.  Because each and every one of them has a family out there.  And it is up to all of us to work tirelessly until we find them.  Do your part.

Please head over to our Waiting Child page.  Request the password if you have not already done so.  Look at each face.  Don’t just glance, but really look.  Consider.  Think.  Ask the What Ifs.  Ask the Why Nots.  And share about these precious souls.

Check out Madison Adoption Associates to learn more about who we are and about the children who wait.  Email sarah@madisonadoption.org with any questions.