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Destined for Greatness

She began with us as an eager, determined, optimistic graduate intern.  And now, almost eight years later, we have to say so long to the same eager, determined, optimistic woman, but who is now no longer intern, as she has blossomed into a seasoned professional.  Sara Oglesby has been the heart of our Illinois office for years.  Her passion and dedication to children with special needs has been the driving force behind the amazing work she has done over the years.  Sara has changed the lives of so many children and families for the better.  She has cried with families during the hard times, and rejoiced during the good.  We will miss you dearly, but please know how proud we are of you as you follow your dreams and become a pediatric nurse for children with special needs.  Best of luck Sara…you are destined for greatness, and we have been blessed to have had you for the time we did!  You will always be part of the Madison family!!

When will they come?

This boy is a Mom and Dad’s dream come true.  When I began reading his update, I couldn’t help but smile.  œHe can read and write. œHe cares for other kids and will share food with other kids. œHe will reach to the volunteers who come to the orphanage and will say ˜thank you’ when he gets gifts from them and will say ˜good bye’ when they leave.  With each answer to each of our questions, I smiled, picturing Asher doing what was described of him.  But then I got to the last question¦

Question: œDoes the child want to be adopted?  Does the child understand what adoption means?

Answer: œHe is anxious to be adopted everyday.  Every time a child is adopted, he will ask ˜why my dad and mom are not here to pick me up?’

And my heart sank for this perfect boy.  This perfect, kind, smart, amazing child who wonders daily when will it be his turn.  Why isn’t it his turn yet?

Asher is 5 years old and is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $2,000 grant available for the family who adopts Asher.  To be considered as his family, please complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form or email 

Not Goodbye – Just See Ya Later…

Every once in a while, someone walks into your life, and you just know it was meant to be.  Sometimes it’s a spouse, sometimes it’s an adopted child, and other times it isn’t a family member at all.  For all of us at Madison Adoption Associates, our lives changed nearly 10 years ago when Sara Lang walked through our doors.  Over the course of a decade, Sara has changed lives, touched hearts, and left an indelible mark on hundreds of souls, all of ours especially.  From working directly with families, to handling much of the ˜behind the scenes’ type stuff, if you have ever worked with MAA, Sara has been a part of your process.  She will be dearly missed, but she already knows that in no way is this a goodbye, as she is a part of the MAA family forever.  We love you Sara, and we wish you only the best.

œThe depth of your love is limitless. You are one of the most caring, committed, stubborn, strong willed, dedicated, courageous, determined women I have ever known.  You have so much to be proud of.  You have accomplished so much.  You have changed so many lives for the better.  You have given so many children who had nothing a happily ever after.  You are strong.  You are caring.  You are irreplaceable.  You will always be part of the Madison Family.  You will always be loved.  You will always be admired.  You will always be my Friend. ~Diana

œWe are similar in so many ways – you are like a sister to me.  I can’t imagine not seeing you at work, working on projects together, and just chatting about whatever, but I realize that just because you’re not working at Madison doesn’t mean we still can’t talk! ~Bev

œOne by one, child by child, your caring, commitment, and life’s work opened a door and forever changed the course of a child’s life.   I can only hope to leave a mark in the world with my career as you did¦ ~Jessica 

œWhat an encouragement you have been for me, from the first day I arrived. Your patience with my questions is that of a saint. Our team, our families, and their children will miss you and your genuine heart for this work. This is all part of the journey that the Lord has you on, and I am excited to see what He has next for you. ~Erica

œI will always remember being part of the MAA Website Team!  You, Bev, and I certainly had some memorable times together; some good and some frustrating times, but we made it through the process together!  Thanks for always being there and making time for me!  I will SO miss you! ~Heather

œFrom my very first day advocating for MAA’s waiting children, you have been an incredible mentor.  But you’ve been more than a mentor, you have become a friend.  A friend who ˜gets it.’  It’s often as if we have the same heart.  You are a blessing to all who know you, but especially to the waiting children you have worked so hard to help find families for.  You will be deeply missed, but I know you won’t stop fighting the good fight for those who are left behind. ~Brooke

œFrom my first day working at MAA, I was impressed with your compassion for the orphaned children and the adoptive families.  I was able to experience on a daily basis your continuous support, patience and going the extra mile to help families through the process. ~Lydia

œI will never forget my first day at MAA when you got stuck training me on processes and procedures (your favorite).  I was nervous, trying to take notes and remember everything, and about 10 minutes in, you pause and say, ˜Hang on, I need to check on my dogs.’  You pulled up your webcam and started chatting with me about your pooches.  You have no idea how much that helped ease my nerves!  And when I learned you were a fellow hound lover, I immediately knew we were kindred spirits! ~SaraH

œYour humor, knowledge, expertise, and very presence will be thoroughly missed in this office.  You have taught us so much about how to do adoptions and to do it well. ~Amanda

œSara, thank you for welcoming me to Madison Adoption Associates. You took the time to help me through rough passages such as the shared drive, the China key system, and many others. Words don’t do justice to how much I appreciate your help, which, might I add, you did with a smile every time.  You are one of a kind. You will be missed. I wish you all the best and good health. ~Laura

Please join us in sending best wishes to Sara as she embarks on her much deserved retirement.  Sara’s last day is July 31st, so please email her prior to then at with your well wishes!!

Yesterday he had a family

We had a family for you Jerah.  An amazing family.  Who said yes to you with full hearts, and were just getting their ducks in a row to make it official.  And then today happened.  A simple announcement.  That, as it turns out, is not so simple for so many, you included.  You will never know, Jerah, what could have been.  But we can imagine.  And the family who said yes with full hearts can imagine.  We will wonder for a long time if this was truly what was meant to be for you.  Right now, it is hard to comprehend.  But all we can do is hope.  Hope there is another family out there for you.  Hope that there is a grand plan for you, that we have yet to figure out.  Until then Jerah, hang in there little buddy!  We won’t rest until you are resting in the arms of your forever family.

Jerah will turn 2 in September.  He is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $2,000 grant available for the family who commits to adopting him.  Please email for more information, or complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form for consideration as his adoptive family.