This place.  Most of us, when we think of the word orphanage, certain images come to mind.  This place, I can assure you, is most likely NOT one of those images.  This place is filled with love, and purpose, and nurturing.  This place is filled with angels on earth.

The House of Refuge prides itself on nurturing every aspect of ˜their’ children physical, emotional, spiritual.  But, they do not stop there.  They understand the importance of preparing the children for their lives outside of the orphanage, whether it is with a family, domestic or international, or on their own.

Family is talked about, feelings are encouraged and shared, adoption is celebrated.  The kids are taught not only to cook, clean up after themselves, and to do well in school; but they are taught to respect others, to love one another, and to value family.  Signs referring to prayer, and love, and respect, and anti-bullying adorn the halls.  They have ˜no-rice days’ to help the kids get ready for their lives in different countries, they visit airports to familiarize the kids with their long trip to their new families, they share pictures and video of the families traveling soon and talk about them often to allay any fears that the children might have.  Ultimately, they understand and embrace the importance of loving these children fiercely, and preparing them for their futures as best they can.

I wish I could show you all of the pictures I have of the kids.  But, much like many of us, the caretakers respect the privacy of the children.  They respect them as individuals, and refuse to allow their children’s pictures shared without permission.  Talk about love.  So, instead, I’ll show you a small glimpse into this place that’s filled with big hearts and lots of hope¦

House of Refuge is located in the Philippines, and they regularly care for and nurture older children who are available for inter-country adoption.  If you are interested in learning more about our Philippines adoption program, please contact Program Director, Amanda Felizardo, at or visit our website for more information.