Dear Max,

I can’t believe I’m writing this.  Honestly, I didn’t want to write it at all.  But I owe it to you.  I made a promise to you over a year and a half ago .  We all thought that promise was fulfilled when a family committed to you.  But sometimes things happen, and families don’t work out.  NOT BECAUSE OF YOU.  But sadly, it happened nonetheless.  So I promised you I’d try again .  And I have Max.  I have tried.  I have done everything I know to do.  I have shared about you, done my best to track down pictures of you smiling (you sure are serious!), and asked friends to meet with you to chat about your hopes and dreams.  All to help in finding your forever family.  Well, I haven’t found them Max.  And now we are at the end of our time as protectors of ˜your file.’  But you were never ˜just a file’ Max, and now there is a lump in my throat knowing we are about to lose you.  I know you probably don’t believe my promises anymore.  And I get that.  But I promise to keep trying.  Where ever your file ends up, I will follow you.  I will continue to share with whoever wants to hear that you want to be an inventor, you want to play soccer, you are interested in fixing appliances.  I’ll share that it’s pretty tough to get you to crack a smile, but when you do¦.man is it electric!  I’ll share that you were reluctant to come to America, but you braved it, and now you want to come here forever.

You have a significant birthday coming up Max.  You’ll be 13 in January.  That’s big for all kids, regardless of circumstance you will enter the teen years.  But it’s even bigger for you, because it means only one year left.  One year to not only find them, but get them to you in time.  I’ll try until the last minute Max.  Until then, keep dreaming of what you want to be when you grow up, and keep cracking those smiles.

Your friend,


Max turns thirteen in January, leaving only one year to be adopted.  Though he was diagnosed as a ˜premature infant with low birth weight,’ Max does not present with any special needs.  Except, of course, being an older boy.  There is a $5,000 Bright Futures grant available for the family who adopts Max.  Please complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form to be considered as his forever family, or email for more information ASAP, as MAA only has Max’s file until December 18.