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Diana’s Plea

by Diana Bramble, Executive Director of Operations


OK, so I don’t post a lot.  I am not the best writer.  My words are black and white and don’t evoke much emotion.  However, please know with my whole heart, I am filled with emotion as I write these words.


Yes, I know I love many kids.  Yes, I know they are all special.  Yes, I know they all deserve a family.  But some just get in your heart a little more¦  Or in some cases, A LOT MORE.

So, I am making a plea to anyone who will listen or read or watch my tears fall for her¦.

Yes, I know she is 15 and has most definitely had her fair share of trauma and not many people should take this on.

Yes, I know the teenage years are stressful, even for children who do not have a history of trauma.

Yes, I know she is not a baby that you can pick up and kiss a boo-boo and make the world right again.


She is special.  She is kind.  She is beautiful.  She is thoughtful.  She takes care of the little ones and helps the adults all day long.  She is funny.  She is smart.  She wants to be a lawyer or police officer.  She wants justice in this world.  She loves to travel.  She loves to experience new places. She is a cute little teen who loves to pose for photos.  She is begging to be a beloved daughter and sibling and granddaughter and niece and finally have a family to call her own¦.

Why is she still there you ask?  After years and years, she finally had a file prepared.  Then she found a family.  She loved them and they loved her.  She has been talking to them for months.  But sometimes great things don’t always work out and this is one of those times¦.  Unfortunately, her family cannot  come for her.  It has nothing to do with her and she is powerless.  She just found out.  She loved them.  She lost them.  She is afraid that she will now be an orphan forever¦.

But it is not over yet.

Aimee deserves a family.  She deserves love.  She deserves happiness,  She deserves a chance.  She deserves a future.

So here is my plea¦  Will you please pray for her?  Or consider her?  Or advocate for her?  Or share this post?  And tell every family you think may be a good fit about her.  Why her you ask?  Because she deserves it.  And someone else deserves her too¦.

People who have not adopted before often tell me how lucky my kids are that we adopted them.  This could not be further from the truth¦  Because we adoptive parents know that it is us that are happy and lucky and privileged and  truly blessed individuals to have the privilege of being their parents.   You can’t even imagine it until you think how you could have missed it¦   I pray that some lucky family sits back a year from now after seeing the most beautiful smile in the world looking up at them, and thanks God that they took a chance on our Aimee.

Let’s all come together and do what we can and not let this girl be forever an orphan.

Thank you for reading.  This is my PLEA.

Aimee is 15 years old, which means she barely has any time left to be adopted.  The family who steps up and commits to Aimee must be ready to move heaven and earth to get to her in time.  But where there is a will, there is a way.  Interested in learning more about Aimee?  Visit our website or email  Or, complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form to be considered as her forever family.

The Evolution of the Peace Sign

Marta, when I first met you, I couldn’t get over your cuteness.  You had a tragic buzz cut, and were trying your hardest at doing the peace sign just like all the other older kids.  You knew it involved two fingers….you just weren’t sure which two.  But you tried your hardest!  Is it these two?  Like this??  Not quite Marta.


Fast forward one year.  Your hair is growing in beautifully.  You still got those chubby cheeks, and gorgeous, full lips.  Still trying your hardest to figure out that peace sign.  Close Marta, but not quite.

While your cuteness level is the same (how can the cutest get even cuter?), and your peace sign skills are slowly developing, there is one big change since I saw you last Marta.  Your adoption file is ready.  Your future.  Is ready.  So keep working on that peace sign Marta, as the next time you’ll throw it for a picture will hopefully be on your Forever Family Day.

Marta just turned 3 last September.  She is diagnosed with post-op spina bifida and club foot.  She is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  Email for more information, or complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form to be considered as her forever family.

In search of her Hero – In search of her Dad

My Dad is my hero.  He always has been.  So when I saw this video of Zelena, my heart ached for her.  All she wants is a Daddy who will protect her.  Who will stand by her no matter what.  Who will make sure nothing bad ever happens to her.  Even though she has a strength that could rival any strong Dad, she shouldn’t have to carry that weight on her shoulders.  That’s a Dads job.  Could you be her Dad?  Could you be her hero? (Be sure to watch video til the end)…

Zelena is available for outright adoption in any state, or for hosting this summer in MD, PA, NJ, IL, or MO.  She is 11 years old, and medically healthy.  Email for more information.