Our third post in our series about the awesomeness of boys!  By 2x boy Mama, Lindsay

As a young married women in my mid-20’s, I thought the next step in my life would be having two blonde haired, blue eyed little girls that looked just like me and my husband.  Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having girls, playing dolls, shopping together and enjoying all things pink.  Let’s just say God had a very different plan for my life.  After years of struggling with infertility, my husband and I finally made the decision to adopt.  We knew absolutely nothing about the adoption process in general much less any specifics about the Chinese special needs program so we checked the box on our application for either gender without much thought.  It would be just like having our own child and we wouldn’t know the gender until we were matched.

Oldest son referral photo

It likely comes as no surprise to most of you reading this but since we were open to either gender, we were quickly matched with a 15 month old little boy.  A tiny guy with the chubbiest little cheeks and a sparkle in his eyes.  There are really no words to express the joy we felt the day we met our first son.  After over 5 years of actively trying to conceive and then adopt, it felt almost unreal that I was finally a mama.  We were so happy to be parents but also extremely exhausted from our long journey.  It took us a full year from the time we brought our son home until we even started to consider if we wanted to adopt another child.

Oldest son lining up cars

We did decide to adopt again and this time, being much more aware of the adoption climate in China, we carefully considered that gender box.  This time we checked boy.  Why?  Well, my husband likes to tell a little story about me and it goes something like this.  One day, Lindsay was cuddling our son and she said, œI just can’t imagine if we had adopted a girl.  I am a boy mama now.  Despite my inability to make car engine or train noises, catch or throw a ball or find amusement in fart jokes, I loved being a mama to that little chubby cheeked cutie.    We also thought how wonderful it would be for both boys to grow up with a brother.  Not just any brother either but a brother with a shared history and birth culture and the same eye and hair color.   The second time around, the match took a little longer but when we finally saw our second son’s picture, he had that same sparkle in his eyes.

Youngest son referral photo

We brought our second son home in November 2017 at 22 months old and I still cry happy tears just thinking about the fact that I am a mom of two!

At 2 and 3.5 years old, our boys are opposites.  One loves all things orderly and would spend all day lining up his matchbox cars all over the house.  I like to describe the other as a little bowling ball.  He is rough and tumble and oh so strong.  One is a Daddy’s guy and the other a Mama’s boy.  But they are both so sweet and

Youngest son playing

know to be gentle with their Mommy.  I cannot wait to see what kind of kid, teenager and man each of them grows up to become and I cannot help but hope that they both always call me Mommy.

Now in my mid-30’s (36 still counts as mid-30’s right??), I am so happy that God knew the plan for my life should contain brown haired, brown eyed boys.  My life did not go exactly according to my plans but I could not have hoped for a more perfect family for me.


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