This could be it.  This could be their last chance to find their forever family.  Well, and stay together that is.  You see, Adel is almost 17.  And if she is not home with her forever family by the age of 18, she can no longer be adopted.  Her two younger brothers will still be available for adoption, and will potentially leave to their forever without her.  None of us want that to happen.  So, we are pleading with you to spread the word about these siblings!  Specifically, to help us find a family willing to host them this summer.  If we can just get them here, we KNOW we’ll be able to find them their forever.  Their TOGETHER forever.

We need a host family in MD, PA, NJ, IL or MO to step out of their comfort zone for only three short weeks this summer, and welcome Arlo (6), Antonio (13), and Adel (16) into their hearts and home.  You have the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on these children, and play an integral role in keeping these siblings together forever!

These siblings are available to host (in MD, PA, NJ, IL, MO) or for outright adoption in any state through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $500 hosting grant available to the family that hosts them.  Email for more information.