˜Thank You’ doesn’t seem sufficient enough to represent our feelings of gratitude.  Maybe Thank You in 10 different languages would be better?

謝謝. БлагодаÑя ти. Gracias. አመሰግáŠáˆˆáˆ. Спасибо.  Salamat. Gratias tibi. áá»á±á¸á‡á°á¸áá„áºá•á«áášáº. ありがとうございました. DziÄ™kujÄ™ Ci. 

Nope.  Still feels too little.  So, we’ll just stick with a simple Thank You.  But please know that it is a Thank You filled with sincerity, and pulled not only from the bottom of our hearts, but from the hearts of the four Angels in Adoption families as well.  You see, with your generosity, we were able to raise close to $8,000 for our Angels in Adoption!!  We were able to bless each ever-so-deserving family with close to $2,000 thanks to you!  This gift YOUR gift went towards specialized formula, medical procedures, travel associated with medical therapies, and so much more!  So, on behalf of MAA, the four Angels in Adoption families, and their four very special kiddos, we’ll say it one last time THANK YOU!  Thank You for making this Giving Tuesday a memorable one for us, and more importantly, for our Angels in Adoption.