Oh Johnny!  You are so much more than number three thousand five hundred and ninety-eight.  We knew that all along¦.but now we can share more of you with the world!!  The you that is NOW, not just the you from ten years ago.  The you now is active and busy, but also well-behaved and obedient.  The you now can run, jump, and climb like other kiddos your age, and do all the fine motor skills of your peers as well!  The you now tries hard in school, and has good relationships with friends.  The you now cares about others, and has no challenges with language.  Your speech is comparable with adults!  And Johnny, last but not least, the you now knows what adoption is, and the you now wants to be adopted.

Dear, sweet Johnny.  You are perfect.  You have sat on the shared list for years, just as a number.  But you are oh so much more than that.  The you now is perfect, as was the you then.  And our hope and prayer for you is that your Mama and Baba will see the you now, and step up and say you are meant to be theirs!

Johnny is currently waiting with Madison Adoption Associates.  He will turn 11-years-old in a few months.  There is a $1,000 grant available to the family who adopts Johnny, with other grants possible.  To learn more, please complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form.