I know I throw numbers at you a lot to make my point.  But they are just so compelling, I can’t help it.  So, here’s my latest #.  463.  Any guesses what it is referring to?  Before you surmise what it could be, please just really see that number.  Say it.  Four hundred and sixty-three.  I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that it must have to do with children.

Before I tell you what the number refers to, let me back-track a bit.  Very regularly, we find ourselves advocating for a waiting child who is about to ‘age-out.’  We send out a plea to all we know in hopes of finding a family for said child.  Sometimes we find a family, often we don’t.  But, every.single.time, that single post evokes so many emotional responses from so many.  “Please let her find a family in time.”  “We hope his family is out there.”  “We would do it if there was time!”  And we get inquiry after inquiry.  Sadly, oftentimes, there is no time left.  Sometimes, there are 6 weeks to complete an international adoption, home study included, start to finish, and we dive in head first with the family to get it done.  Can it be done in such a short amount of time?  Yes.  Is it easy?  No, no, no, and no.  Did I mention, No?  Is it worth it?  Always.  And we will continue to advocate for these children.  We will continue to send out pleas, and pray for a family to step forward in time.  And we will continue to dive in head first with a family if it is the right fit, and if there is even the slightest chance it can get done in time.

But I digress.  Back to the number.  463.  Are you ready?  OK.  It is the number of waiting children on the China shared list aged 12 through 13 ½.  463 children so close to aging out.  463 kids who still have time for a family to complete the process (without having to rip all their hair out and pray for a miracle).  463 children who are close to becoming ‘urgent,’ but not quite yet.  So why not share these kiddos with the same level of urgency?  Why not share these advocacy posts thousands of times in hopes of finding families in time?  They are there.  They are waiting.  For you.  And if we share them now (instead of when they only have 6 weeks left), we have a much better chance of finding them a family.

Interested in learning more about these 463 waiting children?  Call me.  I will tell you about each and every one of them.  I promise you that.  Take Aiden for example.  He turned 13 this past January.  You can expect to see our desperate pleas for him come October and November.  But I challenge you.  Let’s not wait until then.  Let’s share this boy, and the 462 like him, NOW, so we don’t get to that crisis point.  Because once there, the chances are slim.  But now.  Now, these 463 precious children have a chance.  Let’s give them their chance.

Interested in learning more about the children available in all of our programs who may soon be at risk of aging out? Complete our Prospective Adoptive Parent form and an adoption specialist will be in touch.