Friends – We come to you with a plea.  A plea for help.  Help for our friends in China.  And help for some of the most vulnerable – the children.  Due to the Coronavirus, China is facing a shortage of much needed supplies to continue to fight the virus, such as medical masks and gloves.  These items are currently non-existent in China, and that shortage has spread to neighboring countries.  Our friends and colleagues in China have reached out to us for help.  So we are reaching out to you.  PLEASE, if you have access to any of these supplies (new and in original packaging), mail them as soon as you can to our home office.  We will be gathering a shipment to send to China as soon as we can.  The sooner the better. 

Please note we can’t accept further donations of hand sanitizer due to shipping constraints.

Please send to:

Madison Adoption Associates

1102 Society Drive

Claymont, DE 19703

For those of you who do not have easy access to these supplies, we humbly ask you to consider a monetary donation so we can purchase more supplies, and to assist in covering the shipping costs.  With the goal of getting supplies to China as soon as we can, the shipping costs will be significant.

On behalf of our colleagues in China, and the children, thank you.

Please email with any questions!