Cancelled.  A word we’ve all become far too familiar with this past month.  School – CANCELLED.  Non-essential office work – CANCELLED.  Wedding – CANCELLED.  Sports – CANCELLED.  The list goes on and on.  But we are adapting.  School and work is being done at home.  Guests are witnessing nuptials over zoom.  Coaches are holding virtual practices.  We are getting by.  We are surviving.  We are looking forward to the future envisioning, “This time next year, this will all be a memory.” 

But when I heard this morning that our 2020 Hosting has been CANCELLED, my heart sank.  You see, hosting isn’t just a moment in time.  Well, it is, but it isn’t.  Yes, it is three weeks.  But it is so much more than those three weeks.  Hosting is an opportunity for waiting children to find permanency.  To find the loving family they have been longing for for years.  It is an experience that will likely pave the way for a brighter future for that child.  So when I got the email with the subject line HOSTING CANCELLED, it took everything in me not to slam my laptop shut and pretend it wasn’t there.  This isn’t a vacation that is cancelled.  It isn’t something that can just easily be put off until next year.  Because that year is an eternity for a waiting child.  It might as well have said FUTURE CANCELLED.  Or DREAM CANCELLED.  Or FOREVER FAMILY – CANCELLED.    

It is devastating, and we are grieving with and for the kids.  The kids like Elise.  Elsie is a quiet girl who loves to sing and play basketball and volleyball.  She is also interested in drawing and writing.  Elise is 15, and this was her last chance to participate in hosting.  She will age out when she turns 16.  We are also grieving with the host families who were committed to the children.  We will allow ourselves this sadness on behalf of them all.  But only for a moment.  Because then we must dry our tears, regroup, and figure out a way to continue to stand by these children.  And we can’t do that without YOU. 

We will absolutely reschedule our hosting sessions the moment we can!  We will hit the ground running the instant we get the go-ahead.  But in the meantime, we urge you to act NOW.  Reach out to us.  Ask us all of your questions related to hosting and adoption.  Get the process started!  That way, the moment those doors open, we can all run through together! 

In honor of the host children who have lost this opportunity, we are humbled to offer MAA’s Holding Hope Grant of $1,500 for ALL qualified Prospective Adoptive Parents who apply and contract with MAA by May 31, 2020 for any of our international adoption programs.  Complete your Prospective Adoptive Parent form today to connect with an Adoption Specialist. 

Not in a position to adopt right now?  Donations like yours help allow us to continue to provide grants to families!  Please consider donating today, so the waiting children can have a chance at a tomorrow.