So often, a specific child touches the heart of one of our staff, and that staff member makes it their number one priority to do whatever they can to find the perfect family for that child.  Don’t get me wrong, ALL waiting children are our priority – we wouldn’t be in this work if they weren’t!  But for each of us, there are several children who, over the years, stand out in our minds.  Several that really imprinted on our hearts, and will stay there forever.  For me, the tears of joy were indescribable once ‘Max’ and ‘Jayne’ came home!  But the tears shed for ‘Lizzie’ were much different, as, despite our best efforts, she ran out of time to find a family.  At the end of the day, it is the tears and the passion from both outcomes that urge us to keep pressing on for the next child.  To keep marching forward, and to keep doing ALL we possibly can to get even just one.more.child home to a forever family.

‘Doing ALL we possibly can’ looks different for every child and every agency, especially in the midst of a global pandemic!  Once we have exhausted every single thing we know to do, we must sometimes think outside of the box.  So when we received the email from our colleagues at Agape, or rather, the plea, on behalf of Harry, to help advocate, to jump alongside them to collectively do ALL we possibly can to find this boy a home, we didn’t hesitate.  Not even for a moment.  Because it doesn’t matter what agency.  It doesn’t matter who finds a family for him.  ALL that matters is that his family IS found.  Before it is too late.

Harry is a sweet boy, who will ‘age-out’ of China’s child welfare system in October of this year, losing his last chance at a family.  He loves fried chicken, steak, and hamburgers (a boy after my own heart!).  And he’s very interested in learning how to cook.  From those who have met him, Harry has been observed to be very helpful and attentive towards others.

Harry (formerly Hudson with MAA) is waiting in China.  He is 13 ½ years old, and will ‘age-out’ in October.  Harry’s file is currently with Agape, and there are grants available to the qualified family who commits to adopt him.  Please contact or for more information about this precious boy.  Or feel free to complete and submit our Prospective Adoptive Parent form and an Adoption Specialist will be in touch to discuss your international adoption options!