They came on a hosting trip two summers ago.  They had the time of their lives.  And after many months of advocacy, a family was found through another agency.  All was right, and their happy ending was coming.  Fast forward several months, and we come to find out that the family backed out (nothing having to do with these sweet girls!).  How did we find out you ask?  Her Plea.  Her heart wrenching, emotional plea.  Teresa managed to reach out to her previous host Mom, begging her to help find her and her sister, Tia, a family.  We will not share Teresa’s exact words with you, because those belong to her and her alone.  But what we can say is that after hearing of her plea we immediately snapped into action.  So now it is our turn to make a plea.  As no 15-year-old should ever have to make that desperate plea themselves.  On behalf of Teresa and Tia, please, share this post far and wide.  Help us find a family so Teresa never has to make another plea for one again.

Teresa (15 ½) and Tia (12) are sweet, bonded sisters who are physically healthy.  Tia does have some cognitive delays, and both have experienced trauma in their past.  These sisters want nothing more than to be chosen, to be loved, and to be cherished by a family.  We know their family is out there!  Please help us find them!  Teresa and Tia’s host Mom is happy to chat with any eligible, interested family to share about their experience hosting these precious girls.

Tia and Teresa are available for adoption from Colombia. Interested in learning more about Tia and Teresa, and about Madison Adoption Associates? Please complete our free Prospective Adoptive Parent form and an Adoption Specialist will be in touch with you!