Brothers.  It is one of the most special bonds there is.  And I get a front row seat.  I never thought I’d be ‘just’ a boy-Mom.  I always envisioned a girl in the mix, because, well, I know more about being a girl than I do about being a boy.  But here we are, me and my two princes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

One of the greatest things I love about being a Mom to boys has not so much to do with their ‘boyness,’ but everything to do with their brotherhood.  The bond these two share is stronger than anything I’ve ever seen.  They are best friends.  They are pals.  They are confidants.  They are soul mates.  They are BROTHERS.  Yes, they argue.  But at the end of they day, they each worship the ground the other walks on.  It is a beautiful thing to not just watch them grow, but to witness their bond get stronger and stronger with each passing year.

So while reading about Harris, Kallen, and Jacob, and seeing them in pictures and videos, I can’t help but be struck by their bond.  By their brotherhood.  The adoration they have for each other is so very apparent.  And that is why it is crucial that these boys, these brothers, stay together.  But that is only possible with a very special family.  A family rooted in Bulgarian culture.  A family who understands that the special, strong bond these boys have with one another may make it more challenging for adoptive parents to permeate.  But we know that family is out there.  And Harris , Kallen, and Jacob are hopeful they are too.


Madison Adoption Associates is advocating for Harris (10), Kallen (14), and Jacob (11), who are waiting for an adoptive family. They are medically healthy, though do have some delays, likely as a result of their past.  They are very bonded with their foster families, so we are seeking an adoptive family with significant experience in older child adoption and trauma, as a difficult transition could be very possible.  We are also seeking a family with strong ties to Bulgaria and a thorough familiarity with the culture.  Please complete and submit a Prospective Adoptive Parent form if you are interested in learning more about these special brothers.