He is 3, his favorite color is yellow, and he LOVES to dance.  He’s always up for an adventure, and loves to walk around and explore new places while carrying a bag on his shoulder.  Did I mention that he knows almost all of the emotions, and loves showing off by ‘showing’ them on his face – “Willie, show me happy.  Show me sad.  Show me scared.  Show me silly!”  This is who Willie is.  Just a little boy.  Who loves adventure, yellow, and dancing. 

But Willie isn’t just any little boy, he’s a little boy with a not-so-little medical diagnosis.  Willie has Diamond Blackfan Anemia.  He requires blood transfusions on a regular basis, and a bone marrow transplant is recommended so that he can live to his fullest potential.  His caregivers report that on transfusion day, Willie is noticeably more cheerful and full of life, as the procedure allows him to feel better and more energized.  He is ready to throw his bag over his shoulder and explore the city!  But Willie needs more in order to truly thrive.  He needs a Mommy and Daddy to sit with him during his transfusions.  He needs siblings to go on epic adventures with!  Willie needs a family.  He needs the love and support of a family to not only see him through his medical challenges, but to make sure he gets to be the little boy he deserves to be.  The dancing, silly, adventure seeking little boy!

Willie is waiting for adoption in a South American country. Interested in learning more about Willie and the adoption process? Email Lindsey Gilbert to learn more, or complete our free Prospective Adoptive Parent Form today!