Bond.  We talk about it a lot in adoption.  How to bond with your newly adopted child, how to promote bonding and attachment, what it means to be bonded.  This one word becomes so complex as parents strive to achieve it through therapeutic modalities, parenting techniques, cocooning, TBRI, and so much more.  But achieve it they must, as bonding is key to the success of every adoption, so we will continue to navigate bonding with our newly adoptive parents for as long as it takes.

So, we’ve established the importance of bonding when it comes to newly adoptive parents and their adopted children.  The complexities of it, especially when establishing a new bond.  But the definition is pretty simple – join or be joined securely to something else.  And while the parent-child bond is crucial, the sibling bond can be just as powerful, if not more, especially when the bonded have been through things together that no child should have to endure.  They are bonded not only by blood, but by circumstance, and through no fault of their own, by trauma.  Though, throughout the chaos, the one thing that has remained stable in their young lives is each other, strengthening that bond even more.  Nola (8) and William (6) are proof of that power of the sibling bond.  They are ‘thicker than thieves’ as they say, and where one goes, the other follows.  The bond these two have is unbreakable.  Which is why it is crucial that they stay together, and be placed in an adoptive family who will embrace them both.  Parents who will not only build their new bond with these precious children, but nourish the precious bond this brother and sister pair already have.

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