When we told Maleah that her favorite little buddy was matched with his family, her first reaction was sheer and utter joy.  For him.  Knowing he would be going to his forever, and getting the love of a family, made her heart swell.  She couldn’t be more excited for him.  But as the reality started to sink in, we clearly saw the moment come over her when she realized he’d be leaving.  And while her excitement remained for him, her heart began to ache nonetheless.  We continued our meeting chatting with the social workers about Maleah and the other children, all the while she was sitting with her head down quietly drawing.  When the conversation shifted back to Maleah, we all wanted to see what she was working on.

“That’s me.”

“And that’s my favorite little buddy.”

“And these are our houses in America.  Right next door to each other.  Now that he has a family, you must find my family right next to his.”

While we couldn’t promise she’d be his neighbor, we did assure her we would do everything in our power to find her family on this side of the world so she could be either in the same time zone as him or at least close to it.

Over the years Maleah has seen many of her little friends find their forever.  But because her paperwork took longer than usual, she never got the opportunity herself until now.  But now, time is running out.  If her family isn’t found soon, before long it will be too late.  Please share this far and wide so that the next time we tell Maleah a family was found, it will be hers.  

Maleah is waiting in a country in South Asia. If you are interested in learning more about her, please complete our Prospective Adoptive Parent form and an MAA staff member will be in touch! You can also find more program information and information about Maleah on our website.