Supply lists checked off, lunches made, first day outfits picked out, bus schedules issued, locker combos memorized.  It’s back-to-school time!  A time of excitement – fresh starts, seeing old friends, making new friends, exploring new subjects!  Also a time of angst – worries over unknowns, stress over finding classroom locations, dysregulation due to new routines.  The beginning of the new school year brings with it SO many feelings! 

Maleah feels all the same feels at the start of the school year too.  But without a Mom and Dad behind the scenes to ease her worries.  To go to Back to School night and help her with her locker.  To help her organize her backpack and make her lunch.  To reassure her that she’ll make friends.  And to consistently encourage her each and every day to always try her best.  Year after year, Maleah shoulders the many emotions that come along with back-to-school all on her own – something that no child should have to do.

When we met Maleah back in February, we asked her to show us some arithmetic. Simple stuff – 2+2, 4×2. She did the problems with ease, and rolled her eyes at our ridiculous requests. While we continued to chat with the orphanage staff, Maleah sat calmly with the pen and paper. Several minutes later, she was adamant to show us what she was working on – much more involved addition and subtraction problems. Maleah was adamant that we left there knowing what she was capable of!

And capable she is. Capable, kind, sassy, shy, and filled with potential. Craving the love, attention, and nurturance of a Mom and Dad. Desperate for a family to love and encourage her, and tell her ‘great job’ not just at back-to-school time, but always and forever. In search of her #1 fan – Mom and Dad.

Maleah is almost 14 years old and is waiting in a country in southeast Asia. If you are interested in learning more about her, please complete our Prospective Adoptive Parent form and an Adoption Specialist will be in touch! You can also find more information about Maleah and other waiting children here. For general information about our programs, please visit our website.