James. Where do I even begin?! James LOVES to dance! And his smooth moves are contagious…..it’s impossible not to bust a move when you’re around James dancing! But his electric personality doesn’t end there. He’s social, outgoing, extroverted, and gets along with both adults and kids alike. He’s happy, spontaneous, and confident. Somehow he is fun and funny, but yet sweet and tender. He’s truly the full package!

But as much as James would choose to dance and have fun whenever he can, he still understands that rules need to be followed, and chores need to be completed. And he does so without complaint.

James loves being on the move, especially outside. You can usually find him running, swimming, and adventuring. He’s never reluctant to try new things!

When he grows up, James dreams of becoming a police officer or fire fighter. But before he grows up, James needs the chance to be a kid in a family! Could that family be YOU?

James participated in MAA’s summer 2023 host program. His host family would be more than happy to share about their experiences hosting James with an interested, qualified family. Please complete our free, no obligation Prospective Adoptive Parent form, or email misty@madisonadoption.org for more information about this amazing boy!