Community.  What does the word mean to you?  To me it means relationships, support, comradery.  It means there are people ‘in my corner’ who I can turn to not only when I need help, but for general connection as well.  And here at Gladney Center for Adoption and Madison Adoption Associates, we realize the importance of communities and connection, and we do all we can to be a part of, contribute to, and nurture the communities we are a part of.

Because we believe in the connection of community so strongly, it is the reason that we structure our hosting program the way we do – rooted in community, rooted in supports, rooted in connections.  We only work with host families in the states that we are licensed in and/or have strong partners – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Utah, Texas, Florida, and Illinois.  We understand the magnitude of what not only our host families are undertaking, but what the children will go through as well.  And, because of this, we believe it is crucial to nourish our families and host children with support, connection, and presence.  We keep our families ‘close’ for their sake, and for the sake of the children.

Throughout the hosting session, our host families are provided the opportunity to connect with each other, for the children to see their friends, and to have the support of trained professionals who are all just a quick drive away.  Our staff routinely visit the children and families during the hosting session, providing guidance, counsel, and whatever supports that family needs to thrive during the host session, and beyond.

Live in PA, NJ, IL, MO, TX, FL, or UT?  We would love to welcome you to our hosting community with open arms.  Contact us today ( to learn more about changing a life – yours and theirs – by hosting.  Or visit our website.