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MAA Family in Action!

Love this photo I got today from an awesome MAA family who is coming on for their #2!,  This is the application they mailed to our office today!,  The mom told me before they mailed it the kids all kissed it and prayed., ,  We adore our families!!!, 

Madison Adoption Associates's photo.

An Adoption Song ~for you!

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Every now and then I am honored to witness a celebration that a family hosts in preparation or celebration of their child’s homecoming. This past weekend I was able to stop in on a little party being hosted by the Anderson family. They are an MAA homestudy family and currently pursuing an adoption from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Anderson family has waited over three years for the news that they received this past week. The little girl that they have lavished prayer on, hoped for, and sent support too for all these years has passed all the required court proceedings and has been declared, legally, their daughter!,  So they threw one happy party!

At the party the family, all incredibly musical and talented, debuted a song that they wrote for their daughter. Its beautiful. Its tear-worthy. I think any parent that has adopted will melt. I think any parent still in the process will say “Oh my goodness! That is how I feel!”……

There are songs out there about so many subjects. My kids were rocking this morning to one about dirty socks! Now, there is a song for the heart of the adoptive Dad and Mom as they wait, pray, prepare, and hope.

The song is available for download by going here, the cost is .99 cents!

It is also on iTunes and Amazon mp3, search “BRING YOU WHERE I AM” by WICK.

I certainly hope you enjoy this song!


Special Focus Children and a Special Announcement!

We are so pleased to announce that the fee of $4000 for Special Focus children now has a grant applied to ALL children on the MAA Special Focus list making the agency fee $2500 for their adoption!

This grant can assist in encouraging families to adopt these amazing children and helps shoulder some of the cost of the process.

We are so excited about this!!!

Snapshots: Together at last!

We are celebrating with one MAA family that has just returned from China with their boys.

Photos like this make our day, who are we kidding, they make our year!!!,  Thank you for sharing photos like this with us!

The joy on their faces is brilliant and this is why we do the work we do.

Congratulations to the McKinney family!!!!!

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You must take two minutes and read this. Its amazing. Its extraordinary.

Two biological sisters, their lives and stories intertwined from the beginning, but they do not know of one another.

Two friends, both girls from China, enjoying a beautiful close friendship and living right down the road from one another.

After celebrating together, family and friendship and fourth of July, , one of the Momma’s is admiring the snapshots and she realizes something….

This is more than a beautiful friendship.

They. Are. Sisters.

Read, MAA families. This is beautiful., 


A playspace for Gaozhou!

MAA families this is reason to celebrate! Look at Madison in action here~ soft, clean mats and new toys delivered to the orphans in Gaozhou, China.,  There were enough toys given that they were split up into two playrooms.,  Many children now have a clean and soft place to be on the floor playing, interacting, and learning…while they wait for a family (maybe, you!)

Here are the pictures from Gaozhou. The kids are very happy to receive so many toys and mats, and they are very happy to play in the room. Gaozhou put half of the toys into two playrooms. They are very appreciative of your great help to them!!