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A Newbie’s PAR



The Madison team has flown formidable seas to China, tackled terraces of the Philippines, even met the mountains of Haiti, all in the name of family. But no greater risk have they seized, than adopting yours truly into their family as their newest caseworker. Diana saw an aging out girl whose talents and gifts could be used and treasured in this field. She sought me out, looked beyond my inexperience, and asked me to come on board. For that I am forever thankful.

My first days were comparable to arriving in a foreign country. New names and faces, language and terms I didn’t understand, the pace was so fast my head was spinning, jetlagged. It was culture shock. I would think to myself œWill I ever get the hang of this? When will I be like the rest of the caseworkers? Am I really accepted? I felt homesick. But each day, each aspect became more familiar. Every morning I was greeted with encouragement, hand holding, patience, and heartfelt laughs. I was beginning to feel at home.

I speak to you now almost 8 months into my new placement. The good days far outweigh my off days. I still have my moments. Some days I have to refer to my notes, I get caught off guard on a cold call or two, or the printer beeps at me instead of printing packets I need. But I feel like this new family accepts me and walks beside me even on the off days. It means the world to me.

Would you do the same? See a child the way Diana saw me? With patience, willing to see beyond the special need that may require some elbow grease, in hopes that they blossom.

I look forward to getting to know all of you as my extended family.

By Erica Parrish


Its HOSTING time!

Madison Adoption Associates
Orphan Hosting Program 2015
MAA is beginning to plan now, 
for the Summer 2015 Orphan Hosting Program.
If you live in Illinois or Missouri and would like to learn more about hosting a child from China or Philippines, please contact
The exact dates are not set at this time, but the children will most likely be here during the month of July 2015. , Only families living in Illinois or Missouri can host because of the required supervision and group events.
Families are also needed to host the adults who accompany the children. , This is a great way to help the children, who cannot travel without these chaperones!

MAA Serves!

Madison Adoption Associates – Charity Report
MAA recently donated funding to the Beaver County Children & Youth Services (Pennsylvania) to provide Easter treats and luggage for children in foster care.
These children, who are entering foster care, will now have their own suitcase to carry their belongings, instead of having to use a garbage bag!
MAA also donated $10,000 to Delaware Foster Care programs.
Beaver County Children & Youth Services wrote: