Madison has deep connections in the Philippines.,  We support orphanages, advocate for Filipino children and families, and serve American families that have and are in the process of adopting from the Philippines. In addition, we have friend there living and working and perhaps even now, suffering., ,  Please now that everyone at Madison is praying for the people of the Philippines. We are praying and working to help in any way possible.

As soon as Diana is made aware about specifics regarding orphanages and children that are directly connected to MAA and our families she will contact you. This is an utmost priority for her and we all understand how on edge many of you may be at this time.,  We do know that many of the children that Madison is working to aid are alive and being relocated to a safer facility at this time.

Please know that Madison will be launching, a fundraiser later today in order to send financial aid directly to the Philippines.,  MAA will match the money raised. A Constant Contact from Sara Lang at MAA will be going out today to all Madison families and friends.

Peace and Healing and Rest and Restoration to the people of the Philippines.