Did you know that there is a way to use your regular Amazon account, even the prime account with that wonderful free shipping, and at the same time donate money to MAA?

I did not realize this was so easy to do and I’m very excited about sharing this with you. We live out in the boonies and have found ourselves using Amazon a lot to order things. I accidently subscribed us to a Prime account (yes, accident…long story) but have actually found that we are using it for all that it is worth.

Simply by clicking HERE and using Amazon Smile as you would already use your normal Amazon account a percent of every single purchase you make will go right back to Madison Adoption Associates! These donations will go to fund all sorts of efforts that directly help orphans in China and the Philippines.

So, you can order your new book, pair of kids summer sandals, or package of organic raisins…and all of those things help fund MAA programs!

The link will take you to the main MAA website. You will see right on the screen an ad that our wonderful Sara Lang put there. Click on Amazon smile, login, and start your normal shopping. We appreciate so much you doing this small and free effort which can add up to make a big difference for the children!

I don’t know about you, but I, have a little online shopping to do….