2 year old Logan is waiting for a family in China. He is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership.,  Logan is diagnosed with alpha thalassemia but his file notes that he receives regular transfusions, which is not typical of kids with alpha thalassemia. Madison asked for clarification from the orphanage because of his file mentioning weekly transfusions. He does have a gene test in his file noting alpha thalassemia.,  Alpha thalassemia patients are typically not transfused, but there are many variations.,  The orphanage did say that he receives monthly transfusions (not weekly) so there must have been a translation error., ,  A family will need to be open to the fact that he very well may need monthly transfusions.,  But, he may just need to have his spleen removed and end up not needing transfusions ever or only when he is ill.,  Someone may need to take a bit of a leap of faith, but it will certainly be worth it!

Here are some great resources for thalassemia: www.choosingthalassemia.blogspot.com, ,  http://specialneedsadoption.rainbowkids.com/Thalassemia.aspx

Logan lives with a foster family. Now he can speak some words, such as ,,¦¦Åbaba, mama, apo, gege.”,  He can understand facial expressions.,  He is cute at home if mom is at home and busy with housework. He does not tell mom if desiring to eat, because he is afraid of being criticized. But he will show the kindness if dad comes home after work, will help pick the cup to drink water. Then he will ask dad to find the snack for him. He is smart and cute. He likes playing with kids, but will sometimes take toys away from the other kids. He likes interacting with visitors who come to his home.,  He can,  speak ,,¦¦Åyiyi,aa,,š to the visitors, and also can say ,,¦¦Ågoodbye,,š if they leave. He likes playing with toy blocks. He has a good appetite and is not a choosy eater.,  Fruit is his favorite food.,  If the foster mom picks fruit, he will move the stool for her and also catch the trash can. Sometimes he is naughty and he always find the snacks. Logan enjoys baths and his favorite thing to do is to play outdoors with his foster parents and foster brother.

For more information on Logan, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here: https://madison.mysamdb.com/SAM/Fm/Fm_Ap_Form_Edt.aspx

We also have many families that have adopted children with Thalassemia and they are willing to talk with serious prospective parents about this special need in depth.