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Every now and then I am honored to witness a celebration that a family hosts in preparation or celebration of their child’s homecoming. This past weekend I was able to stop in on a little party being hosted by the Anderson family. They are an MAA homestudy family and currently pursuing an adoption from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Anderson family has waited over three years for the news that they received this past week. The little girl that they have lavished prayer on, hoped for, and sent support too for all these years has passed all the required court proceedings and has been declared, legally, their daughter!,  So they threw one happy party!

At the party the family, all incredibly musical and talented, debuted a song that they wrote for their daughter. Its beautiful. Its tear-worthy. I think any parent that has adopted will melt. I think any parent still in the process will say “Oh my goodness! That is how I feel!”……

There are songs out there about so many subjects. My kids were rocking this morning to one about dirty socks! Now, there is a song for the heart of the adoptive Dad and Mom as they wait, pray, prepare, and hope.

The song is available for download by going here, the cost is .99 cents!

It is also on iTunes and Amazon mp3, search “BRING YOU WHERE I AM” by WICK.

I certainly hope you enjoy this song!