Madison Adoption Associates received an update for sweet 7 year old, Susie today!


Password: Adoptmaa

Susie is a happy, active, and social girl, but she is a little shy with strangers. She is very attached to her foster parents. She can walk on flat ground. If the floor is a slope, she may not stand very still because her sense of balance is poor. She can talk to express herself, but does not speak clearly. She can feed herself with a small spoon. She uses her left hand to eat. She only feeds herself to half full and then needs the adult to help her with the rest. She will tell adults when she needs to go to the bathroom and she can go by herself. She can put on and take off pants and shoes. She likes being praised, not criticized. She likes watching other people dancing and she is good at imitating. She will swing her body when she hears music. She likes songs and cartoon. She will pick channels when watching TV. She knows gender, colors, and can draw circles with a pen.

Since Susie will be 8 in about a week, MAA is giving her the extra $1,000 reduction in agency fees for a child that is 8 or above. There is now a $2,000 agency grant for Susie’s adoption and if a family signs on with MAA and were to move forward for her in April, there would be another $1,500 in agency fee reductions, for a total of $3,500 in agency fee reductions in April. Other grants are available based on family circumstances.

If you would like to review Susie’s file or if you are interested in adopting Susie, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here:


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