Precious 15 month old Patrick is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership.
Patrick has been featured on the LWB blog many times:¦¦

There are so many photos available from Patrick’s short 15 months of life- some family will surely be blessed to have all of them!

Patrick was diagnosed as having anal atresia and is now post-op for that condition. Later he was found to have CHD- ASD and VSD, for which he has now had a surgery as well. In the fall of 2014 after surgery, Patrick entered foster care sponsored by Love Without Boundaries. He also receives rehabilitation treatment there. At the time his file was prepared, Patrick was able to walk for one to two steps when holding the nanny’s hand. When Patrick sees others eating, he will stretch out his hand for food. He enjoys playing with his nannies and is said to enjoy playing œhide and seek the most. Patrick is an energetic, bright, active, and lovely boy with a quick reaction. He loves playing with toys and listening to music. Will your family be the family that is blessed to wake up to that cute face every morning?

A recent update from LWB said: Patrick from Heartbridge is in the hospital preparing for his final stage colostomy surgery. He and his nanny are sleeping on a bed in the hallway because of the current crowded conditions something which is not at all unusual in a Chinese hospital which helps millions of children each year. Neither Nanny nor Patrick seem particularly upset about this, as Patrick is happy as long as Nanny is with him!

There is a $2,000 agency grant with MAA for Patrick’s adoption. Madison is also offering a $1,000 grant for families that sign on between now and the end of July and another $500 grant for families that move forward for a waiting boy between now and the end of July. That’s $3,500 in grants for Patrick’s adoption between now and the end of July! Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants and those will be given out again in July.

If you are interested in reviewing Patrick’s file or in adopting Patrick, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review form, which can be found here:

Madison Adoption Associates's photo.
Madison Adoption Associates's photo.