Meet Wayne.  Wayne is 12 years old and is deaf.  He has been living in an orphanage for 10 years.  He has been deaf since birth (at least we think¦.as he was found deaf at the age of one and a half).  Meet Charlie, Pete, Tom, and David Wayne’s best friends who have also been in the orphanage for the past 10 years, give or take.  These five are joined at the hip.  They have been through it all together loss, grief, the unknown, the familiar you name it, they’ve lived it with each other.

When the boys were old enough to realize that Wayne couldn’t hear, they all desired to be able to communicate with him.  Here is where this story goes from ordinary, to extraordinary and inspiring.  While Wayne was learning sign language, the other four boys took it upon themselves to learn as well, so as to ensure that Wayne never felt left out.  They studied, they watched, and they practiced.  This wasn’t required of them, or asked of them.  They are children.  They are boys.  They are orphans.  But in this situation, they did not, and do not, see themselves as anything other than Wayne’s best friends.  They love Wayne, they noticed what Wayne needed, and they provided.  These boys, who have their own special needs, who have their own desires for a family, who have their own trauma and loss, saw their friend in need, and acted, no questions asked.

Each one of these boys taught themselves sign language for their best friend.  These boys, who have so little, only witnessed their friend, who had even less than them, and they stepped up.  What have you done for your best friend?

All five of these boys are available for adoption though Madison Adoption Associates.  They range in age from 10-13, with varying special needs¦all at risk of aging out.  Our Associate Director recently met up with these young men, and could only describe them as amazing, unbelievable, inspiring, soft-spoken, and absolutely perfect.  Let’s show these boys that humanity is as good and pure as they are, and bring them home to the families that they so deserve.  We could all learn a lesson of selflessness from Wayne, Pete, Charlie, Tom, and David. 

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Pete, Tom, and Wayne all have a Bright Futures grant of $5,000 towards their adoption.

Due to David and Charlie’s ages, all agency fees are waived for their families.

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