On a sweltering July day in Southern China, a passerby was going about his day, when he heard a whimpering in the grass on the side of the road.  There, amongst the weeds and wild flowers, was a tiny, confused little baby.  Aubrey 3The man quickly scooped her up, and took her to the local orphanage.  Upon admittance, the orphanage staff met a round faced frail baby girl, who, despite weighing only 10 pounds, they guessed was about 10 months old.  She was hot, upset, scared, and tired.  The staff did their best to get her fed and settled.  The child’s beauty was so striking, they named her ˜fine jade.’

Fast forward twelve years, and this beautiful soul, Aubrey, still lives in that orphanage, waiting.  She is a kind, quiet, sweet girl who loves helping the other children and the nannies.  Aubrey always has a smile on her face, and enjoys interacting with people.  She shares that she likes basketball, and would love it if someone would teach her to play.       

AubreyTwelve years is far too long for a child to wait for love.  Please do not let her wait any longer.  Be love for Aubrey this summer, and host her for four weeks. 


Aubrey is available for hosting this summer in Pennsylvania, or for adoption anywhere.  Significant grants available for those families who qualify.  You do not have to be interested in adoption.  You simply need to be interested in being love for Aubrey for four short weeks¦.and agree to teach her how to play basketball.  Email sarah@madisonadoption.org for more information, or visit us at our webpage.