Guest post by Adoption Advocate, Shannon Laxton

She is almost 13 years old.


Of course every child that lives in this place breaks my heart.

But this one.


They shared her story with me.

I was instantly drawn to her.

And her to me.


Maybe it is because I see my daughter who is so close to her age.

Or I see the stories of my 4 China children,

Who could have been her.

She should not be here.

She is almost 13 and she is absolutely perfect.

She is smart.

She is artistic.

100% healthy.



She has the best laugh and speaks non stop.

I got brave yesterday and I asked if I could take her to lunch with us.

Of course if taking her why not take Silas. He is 9 and named for my son Syler. They look so much alike.

Sometimes I ask these things and Steve just looks at me.

But he asks.

And they said yes!

So we left with these 2 sweet children who were so excited and WE were so excited and could not believe we were actually LEAVING with them!

We ventured to McDonalds. On the bus.


Because every child should eat McDonalds with the Americans.

And let me tell you, they ate. And ate. And ate.

They had never had soda before.

You know how you give your baby a lemon for the first time? Just for the reaction?

We were kind of like that watching them drink this soda.

And Silas eating a big mac. Layer by layer.

Or an ice cream cone, obviously something he had never had.

Sweet sweet memories for us.

After lunch we ventured to the store to get snacks for the rest of the kids.


They started whispering and throwing stuff in our cart.

Silas also swiped a fruit pouch off the shelf, (like the applesauce you suck on) had the cap off, sucked it down and had it back on the shelf before we could blink.

Shopping with kids in China is the best.

Once back at the hotel they started passing out the items they had put in my cart to each team member.

They had wanted to give to us, what they had chosen.

It was not about them, but giving to us.

We enjoyed jumping on the bed, brushing teeth and lots of giggles.

Sometimes we don’t understand abandonment or the why’s and how’s of life.

Today we wanted to give to 2 kids who deserve so much more.

And while I do think it was great fun for them, it was us who were blessed.

We forget that sometimes an ice cream cone is an amazing treat that has never been experienced.

Eating a burger does not come naturally or with instructions.

The wind on your face while racing down the road in a taxi is to be savored.

Each moment is a gift.


I can’t stand the thought of leaving any of them.

But this girl, her time is short.

At 14 they cant’ be adopted.

She has 14 months left.

We are praying and begging God to have her family already thinking of her.

She should not be here.

I pray she doesn’t have to stay.

Please join us in praying for Dalila.

Dalila is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $4,000 grant available for the family who says YES to her!  Visit for more information, or email