As I sit here with a spotless house, fridge stocked full of all the bells and whistles for tomorrow, knowing family and friends are en route from far and wide, my mind is still in China.  I’m barely a week off my trip, and it is still more than fresh in my mind.  We spent ten days visiting orphanages, loving on kids, witnessing heartache.  Though, during the moments of darkness, somehow light, and hope, managed to shine through.  One of those moments happened when I got to see these three very dear friends.


You see, they are my friends because I got to spend a wonderful month with them last summer.  They were three of 17 orphans who came for summer hosting to the US.  Thanks to hosting, they are now three orphans no more, as their families race through paperwork to get to them.  Thanks to hosting, these three boys will know love, they will know family, they will know hope.  These three boys will learn the fun of snapping the wishbone, and they will soon enough know what full bellies and football are all about.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for these three boys.  But more so, I am thankful for their host families who stepped up into the unknown, into the uncomfortable, to give these boys a chance.  Without these host families, who knows what the fate of these three boys would be.

As you sit around the table Thursday, giving thanks for family, for love, for food, please do not forget about those who do not have any of those things¦.and think about how you can step up to change that.  The following kids will be coming for hosting in February 2017.  Think about stepping out of your comfort zone for three short weeks and hosting one of these kids, and giving them the chance to be able to be thankful for something next Thanksgiving.


Joe – 10


Logan – 7


Adam – 10


Bode – 8


Nelson – 7


Paul – 7


Mallory – 11


Melanie – 12


Cleo – 9


Charles – 10


Donovan – 10


Bentley – 9


Gus – 8


Mary – 12

All of these children are available for hosting this coming winter, February 13 – March 6, through Madison Adoption Associates.  Hosting is available in IL, MO, PA, NJ, and MD.  For more information on hosting one of these amazing children, please email