I was scouring the shared list one evening last week, and I came across you.  I skimmed your referral, and felt drawn to know more when I read, œyou would not forget this girl after meeting her.  You were described as an active and BRAVE girl.  You had already overcome so much in your five short years from orphanage life to undergoing surgeries.  You must be brave!

You intrigued me.  So I requested your file, and asked for an update.  And then the email came.  ˜She has died.  We cannot place her.’  No other explanation.  My head began spinning with questions¦ How?  When?  Did you have a favorite caregiver with you?  Were you alone?  Were you ˜home’ at the orphanage?  Or in a hospital?  Were you in pain?  Was someone holding your hand?  Was it sudden?  The questions kept swirling around in my head, along with pleas to you, ˜Please know you were loved,’ ˜Please know people cared about you,’ ˜Please know we made that call to your orphanage because we were committed to finding you a forever family,’ ˜Please know you will not be forgotten,’ and on and on.

Sweet girl, we hadn’t even given you an English name yet, but since I cannot share your real name, you deserve at least that.   A name to be called by your friends on this side of the ocean.  Taliah.  Means dew drops from heaven.  While some would say our ˜time’ together was insignificant, as it only consisted of reviewing your file and learning of your passing, it was more than enough for me, and you will forever be imprinted into my heart.  Rest in peace sweet Taliah.  I will not forget you.